James Farmer Group Contract


University of Mary Washington

James Farmer Group Contract

Digital History, 471C3


This contract was created by Colin Biddle, Laura Gumkowski, Mary Hester, and Nikole Wellman for the task of completing the James Farmer Project for Digital History 471C3. All group members have agreed and will comply with the dates and information below.


Section I- Mission Statement

We aim to present the dynamic life of James Farmer as an advocate for social change by educating the public through Farmer’s own words using an innovative digital archive of photos, videos, audio samples and quotations.



Section II- Overall Structure
The James Farmer Group will create a digital archive that breaks Farmer’s life into 4 parts: early years, CORE years, political activist and MWC life and then separate photos, videos, audio excerpts and quotes into these categories.

Section III- Tools

We will present photos, videos, audio samples and quotations by using 5 main tools (subject to change due to the availablilty of materials we are able to collect).


First, we will use Omeka to compile photos, audio and video that we collect.


Next, to satisfy the requirement for a timeline of Farmer’s life, we will use Google Docs to construct a timeline spreadsheet, then embed that timeline into a web page using Simile.


To make our presentation more dynamic, we will use Windows Movie Maker and Jamendo to create at least one respectful mashup of Farmer’s life by using some of the photos, audio and video that we display in Omeka.

Finally, we will collaborate in WordPress to assemble and present quotes from Farmer’s life from Farmer’s autobiography, Lay Bare the Heart, newspaper archives, and audio and video clips we have obtained.


Section IV- Milestones

The JFG shall complete all assigned dates below. In the unlikely event of delays that are beyond the control of the JFG, schedule changes will require prior approval by Dr. McClurken.


2/14/08 — All members will finish reading their sections of Lay Bare the Heart, start a quote index.

2/20/08 — Inventory and determine number of photos and videos that we will use that will be need copyright information and draft letter template for copyright permission and determine copyright ownership.

2/21/08 — Start copyright permission letters and mail before 2/29/08.

3/13/08 — Continue researching sources from UMW including: the UMW yearbook, the Bullet, the Free-Lance Star, and William Crawley’s book.

3/19/08 — Have timeline finished and be prepared to present in class on 3/20.

3/26/08 — Start uploading photos, audio and video in which we have permission.

3/28/08 — Be prepared to present our basic plan and layout of the web site  (we will be setting up the basic outline of the website in WordPress the entire time)

4/08/08 — Test website: repair bugs and get rid of the kinks. Finish website presentation for the class.

4/19/08 — Present the finished project.



Section V- Requirements


What needs to be done

Who will manage task

Research UMW archives


Working with Special Collections and digitizing materials


Compile audio clips on Omeka


Compile video clips on Omeka


Compile quotes and organize on WordPress


Verify copyright and fair use  

Mary, Laura, Nikole, Colin

Setup timeline in Simile


Setup Omeka exhibit  

Laura, Mary


Section VI- Presentation Dates


2/21/08 — Present 3-5 minute progress report


·        Introduce quote index.


2/28/08 — Present 10-15 minute progress report


·        Present an inventory of what audio and video we have identified as essential to our site. Present our copyright letter and discuss some of the people that we are writing to.


3/13/08 — Present 3-5 minute progress report


·        Present update of inventory and any problems or issues we are experiencing.


3/20/08 — Present 10-15 minute progress report

·        Present finished timeline.

3/27/08 — JFP present 3-5 minute progress report

·        Present the documents, photos, videos, and audio in which we have copyright permission.

4/3/08 — JFP present 10-15 minute progress report

·        Present our basic plan and layout of the web site in addition to any problems or concerns we have.

4/10/08 — JFP present 3-5 minute progress report

·        Present website and demonstrate how it works and discuss any problems or issues we are experiencing.

4/19/08 — JFP present 10-15 minute progress report

·        Present the finished project.