Historical Markers Group Contract

Digital History Group Contract
Historical Markers Project

Group Members
Jennifer Feldhaus
Shannon Hauser
Whitney Holcomb
Elle Weaver
Amy Benjamin

Mission Statement
As a group we will create a website for the sixty-two historical highway markers found in Fredericksburg City and Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties. A timeline of events commemorated by the markers will be placed on the homepage of the website. Each marker will have its own page that will include a description of the event, person, or place on the marker. The description will delve further into what is currently on the marker by identifying important people, dates, and significance. Much research will have to be done on what the marker is commemorating. In addition, each page will include trivia, pictures or images that relate to the subject of the marker, and a bibliography of at least five sources for further reference on the subject. Each marker will have its own subtopics within its description. Links to credible websites already devoted to the subject will be provided in the bibliographies. A link back to the Department of Historical Resources highway markers page for each marker will also be present on each page, along with links to related markers and categories.

Division of Labor
To accomplish this task, we have looked at the work that needs to be completed, assessed everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and have split up the work accordingly. Shannon and Jennifer, who are the most comfortable with the technological aspects of the project, are in charge of researching website builders and choosing the best one for our project’s needs. They will create a sample page that will serve as a template for each page, ensuring a sense of uniformity between the pages. Jennifer and Shannon are not responsible for creating every page; we are each responsible for creating the pages for every marker we are assigned. To allow them ample time to research the technology, Shannon and Jennifer were assigned fewer markers to research. Amy, Elle, and Whitney will research the remaining markers. Elle is in charge of compiling the timeline and putting it up on the website, with technology assistance from Shannon. Whitney will proofread each page for grammar, spelling, and style. Amy will check each bibliography for correct form and compile a master works cited and works consulted page. Amy and Elle will complete “fieldwork” that will include taking pictures of any sites that still remain today; these pictures will be posted on the website. Jennifer will also find and provide supplementary pictures for the website and help everyone put pictures on their pages. Shannon will provide a brief biography of the group.

Division of Markers

Jennifer – 10 Markers
Historic Aquia Creek E-123

Aquia Church E-90
Hartwood Presbyterian Church E-126

Moncure Daniel Conway N-36

Aquia Landing J-92
Massaponax Baptist Church E-78
Federal Raid E-33
Road to Guinea Station E-36
First Roman Catholic Settlement in Virginia E-76
Colonial Post Office

Shannon – 10 Markers
Colonial Fort E-46
Spotsylvania County Z-149 – 1727 – Caroline County Z-149 [there are two of these]
Gaspar Tochman JJ-25
Asbury’s Deathplace EH-8
Jerrell’s Mill E-31
Engagement at Harris Farm (Bloomsbury) EM-2
Stanard’s Mill E-35
James Farmer, Civil Rights Leader E-113
Mud Tavern

Whitney – 15 Markers
Gold Mining in Stafford County E-17
Cavalry Affairs N-5

Fort Hood E-84

Lee’s Position E-43
Battles of Fredericksburg E-44
Stuart E-8
The Gallant Pelham N-3
Lee’s Winter Headquarters E-38
Longstreet’s Winter Headquarters E-41
Cox House E-42
Little Falls J-93
The Mud March N-6

Start of Sheridan’s Raid E-39

Turn in Sheridan’s Raid E-30

Amy – 14 Markers

Spotswood’s Furnace J-42

Marlborough E-75

Accokeek Iron Furnace E-49

Fredericksburg E-46
Historic Falmouth E-47
Fredericksburg E-45
Fredericksville Furnace EM-1
Fall Hill E-49

George Washington’s Childhood Home J-61

Hunter’s Iron Works E-116

Brig. Gen. John Minor N-32

Peyton’s Ordinary E-79
Kenmore N-31
Fredericksburg Gun Manufactory N-7

Elle – 13 Markers
Amoroleck Encounters John Smith N-38
From Indian Path to Highway E-50
Creek Delegation in Fredericksburg J-102

Gen. Hooker’s Headquarters N-34

Wounding of Jackson J-39
Ely’s Ford J-38
The Chancellorsville Campaign E-118
Jackson’s Amputation J-37
Battle of Chancellorsville J-40
Grant’s Supply Line E-40
Camp Codd at Gunnery Springs N-30
Fredericksburg Normal and Industrial Institute N-33
Civilian Conservation Corps–Company 2363 E-85

To create our site we will be using WordPress and Simile will be used to create a timeline. Each historical marker will have its own individual page which will contain an in-depth discussion about each marker complete with links to other resources. We have already created a site at fredmarkers.umwblogs.org to be a home for our marker page. WordPress will also be used to make the front page of the site. This front page will link to the individual pages, provide more information about our group, and link to the Simile timeline.
Within the Simile timeline we will use the description for each marker already provided by the original markers. There will also be different ways to filter the content. Some examples are county, date, and possibly other tags. In addition, each point on the timeline will also link to the wordpress page so people can read more about that specific marker. In this way Simile becomes an easy way to sort through markers and access more details on that marker if necessary.

Schedule of Milestones
Wed. Feb. 20: have 2 markers researched each; group meeting at 9 pm
Thurs. Feb. 28: have 7 markers done and a sample webpage is built
Wed. March 12: group meeting at 9pm
Thurs. March 13: all markers are researched
Tues. March 18: timeline finished and posted on the website
Wed. March 26: group meeting at 9pm
Wed. April 2: half of our pages up on the website, group meeting at 9 pm
Tues. April 8: pages being edited
Wed. April 9: all of our pages will be up, meeting at 9pm
Tues. April 15: all pages edited and bibliographies edited
Wed. April 16: Shannon’s group biography finished and posted; field work completed; group
meeting at 9 pm
Thurs. April 17: any last-minute changes or edits may be finished
Tues. April 22: projects due
Wed. April 23: group meeting at 9pm
Fri. April 25: History Symposium