Project Outlines

[This is the outline each group was given at the start of the semester.  For the contracts each group created, see here.]

1) Historical Marker Project [HMP]
Creators: Elle, Whitney, Jennifer, Shannon, Amy]

Creating a site that involves writing and posting an extended story for Virginia’s Historical Markers in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford ( that incorporates the following:

— Brief history of the marker program and centralized page

— For each marker this group will need to create:

  1. Link to the Department of Historic Resources page for that marker
  2. Larger Story of event/person depicted
  3. Bibliography for further reading

— Electronic linked timeline of Fredericksburg markers, and of Fredericksburg

Lead group for UMW Centennial Historic Marker Application (more on this later).

Other HMP resources: Thinking History Digitally at bavatuesdays; Virginia Historical Markers – Virginia History;

2) James Farmer Project [JFP]
[Creators: Laura, Mary, Nikole, Colin]

With assistance from Prof. Tim O’Donnell (ELS)

— Using a new UMW digital archive of Farmer’s work, create an online exhibit using the items from this archive.

— Add more primary source material on Farmer to the UMW digital archive.

— Create electronic linked timeline of Farmer’s life and the civil rights movement

3) James Monroe Papers [JMP]
[Creators: Talya, Kelly W., Lisa, Andrea]

With assistance from Dr. Dan Preston, head of the James Monroe Papers

— Create Official Web site for the James Monroe Papers including basic information, list of collections, etc., based on conversations with Dr. Preston

— Digitize and present additional Monroe resources from one of the following:

  1. May be able to include letters that have not been published
  2. Scan National Archives microfilm of James Monroe’s dispatches while Minister to France

— Create electronic linked timeline of Monroe’s life and family

4) Centennial Project [CP]
[Creators: Kellye S., Juliann, Matt, Roxanne, Austin]

With assistance from Prof. Bill Crawley’s manuscript history of UMW

— Three Possible online digital projects for this group to choose from:

  1. Transforming UMW from normal school to 21st-Century university
  2. History of Monroe (building) over 100 years
  3. Digital storytelling project — Using alums from different eras, interview and create digital stories about the history of the institution

— Electronic linked timeline of MWC/UMW’s history