Projects nearly done

April 16, 2008 | 1 Comment

Just for those of you following along outside of the class itself, check out the start pages of each of the four groups.  They’re all getting close to being finished (the final due date is next Tuesday). 1) Historical Marker Project — [Creators: Elle W., Whitney H., Jennifer F., Shannon H., Amy B.] 2) James […]

After our discussion the other day of the potential text for a potential historical marker for the institution, I ran across this image of Monroe Hall on the centennial blog.

Historical Marker Class Session

March 10, 2008 | Comments Off on Historical Marker Class Session

Tuesday’s class will involve us writing the text for a potential historical marker celebrating the school’s centennial. Specifics about the application can be found at: What should the 100-word text of the sign include? Where should it be placed (keeping in mind the requirements at the bottom of this page)?  [See a map of […]