The formal presentation of the Digital History projects will be part of the History Department’s end-of-the-semester symposium.  All four groups will present on Friday, April 25, at 3 PM in Monroe Hall 202.

Please encourage friends, faculty, staff to come to this.  We don’t just want to present these projects to the class, but to the department and the university.  This is your chance to show everyone why you haven’t been around much for anything else this semester.  🙂


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  1.    Susan Fernsebner on April 26, 2008 10:42 am

    Great presentations yesterday! It was wonderful to see a packed audience — and esp. to see the finished sites in action and to hear the lessons of experience each group shared re: their projects.

    The concluding commentary was insightful and raised v. interesting issues relevant to future projects in digital history. My short list that I noted while listening included:

    – archival logistics (issues of copyright, technical logistics re: format transfer to digital, and editorial choices re: sources as they shape the finished produce…)

    – cooperative dynamics (how is a group project best managed re: divisions of labor, coordination of data, design, and tech?)

    – models of innovation (these four websites offer a great start! It was also interesting to hear that the Veterans History Project of the LOC was a model for the Alumni Project. Nice work… What are the other innovative models out there?)

    – methodological implications (yesterday’s presentations and the project sites raise intriguing Q’s re: digital avenues providing new ways not only to share history, but also to offer unique insight upon it…)

    Congratulations to all on a great job!

  2.    Jerry on May 5, 2008 4:37 pm

    I was very impressed with the work you all did in this class. You all ran with the ball very well.

    Here are some pictures I took at the event, so you will fondly remember it, always. 🙂

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