Contracts — Reviewing What We Discussed in Class on Thursday

February 8, 2008 | | Comments Off on Contracts — Reviewing What We Discussed in Class on Thursday

1. Details of contract — As we talked about, the guidelines in the syllabus require a Mission statement, a list of the tools you’re planning on using (with a brief explanation of how they will be used), and a schedule of milestones (at a minimum when critical pieces of the project are complete (or near complete) and ready to present).

2. Ready early? — Please let me know if your contract is done before Tuesday so that I can begin to go over it and we can start to talk about your group’s plan in class on Tuesday.

3. Negotiation — The contract your group turns in on Tuesday will be the beginning point for a negotiation about your group’s plan for the rest of the semester. What might we be negotiating about? The scope and direction of the project, the tools you’re planning on using for the site or for particular parts, and the timetable of milestones you’ve established. Given point #4 below, I envision my role as one of focusing, tweaking, and asking questions about implementation. I may ask for more details about particular parts that are unclear, or ask you to rework (or explain further) a section that I think may not be feasible, given time constraints and/or technology issues.

4. WTG — I’ve seen early versions of the contracts for every group now and I have to say I’m really, really impressed.

I’m not saying step 3 won’t happen. It will and we’ll have discussions about your plans for your sites.

But step back from your group tweaking, retooling and rewriting of the contracts for a minute…. Look at how far you’ve come since that first week of class (or even since you decided to sign up for the class). Look at how many tools you’ve learned to use, some of which you’d never heard of before. Look at the way that blogging has become easy (if not regular) for all of you. Look at the way that you’ve been hammering out ideas with your group, sometimes arguing with and sometimes inspiring each other. Look at the way that many of you have pushed me and our friends in DTLT to find answers to your questions about tools and research, about web hosting and web authoring, about video, scanning, time lines and Omeka. I’ve been looking and it’s pretty impressive from where I sit. I can’t wait to see these projects continue to unfold.

Ok, now, get back to the contract tweaking.


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